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Madrasah Young Teachers Exploring Interactive Learning Media Development

Technology has impacted the learning approaches with an aim to improve the standards of teaching and learning process. The present study focuses on teachers’ preferences and use of technology in their classrooms. Therefore, teachers nowadays must be able to implement effective integration of technology to provide students with more interesting and engaging learning activities.

Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 2 Mataram, one of the best Islamic State Senior High Schools located in Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) Province, Indonesia, is really concern with the quality improvement of its teachers. Under the partnership between SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre (SEAMOLEC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, the school hosted a Workshop of Training of Trainer (TOT) on Interactive Learning Media Development for 30 young teachers. Participants of this training were not only teachers from MAN 2 Mataram, but also from other Madrasahs in Mataram City.

One of materials delivered by SEAMOLEC trainers in this workshop was about interactive PowerPoint. Too often, presentations are thought of as one-way communications; the teacher delivers presentation and the students’ role is to listen attentively. In this workshop participants learned about feature in PowerPoint where teachers can create interactive quiz in their presentation files. Another material in this workshop was Whiteboard Animation, where participants learned to create animated video starting from developing storyboard, identifying assets, and making the video product.

The Principal of MAN 2 Mataram, Mr. H Lalu Syauki in the opening ceremony mentioned that participants of this workshop will be the trainers to share the knowledge gained to other teachers within Mataram City. Considering the importance of technology for teachers, Mr. Syauki proposed to SEAMOLEC to have another follow up training programmes with other materials for bigger audience within the province in the future time.

Ms. Asri Hidayati, a teacher from MAN 2 Mataram was surprised, she just found out from this workshop that PowerPoint software has various hidden functions to be applied in learning material. Mr. Iwan Fahmirudin, a teacher of Madrasah Alam Sayang Ibu, Mataram expressed his gratefulness to SEAMOLEC trainers for sharing the technology regarding interactive learning media development. He believes that the knowledge will be useful for all participants, and he wished to be able to participate if MAN 2 Mataram would conduct a follow up programme.

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