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The Vocational-based Distance Learning Program at Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic

In its efforts to enhance the quality of education, SEAMOLEC continues to develop innovations, particularly in the development of innovations in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) through ICT-Based programs. One type of support provided is through a mentoring program that involves SEAMOLEC partners in various stages according to their needs. This includes facilitating planning, development, and the utilization of ODL programs in the teaching and learning process.

Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic, one of SEAMOLEC's partners, has undergone two stages of mentoring for the "Macrolearning" program, which develops a blended learning model utilizing the Learning Management System (LMS) platform. In the first stage, lecturers from Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic successfully developed blended learning plans and instructional materials based on multimedia, commonly known as e-modules. The focus of the second stage was on the development of instructional media.

From October 4 to 6, 2023, the third stage of this mentoring program was conducted, focusing on preparing instructional materials in the LMS and developing learning activities. Twenty lecturers from seven study programs successfully developed nine courses in the LMS through both individual work and group projects. Instructional materials and learning activities in the LMS emphasized the Vocational-Based Distance Learning model, with a particular emphasis on practical preparation and project development for assessment.

During the implementation of the third mentoring stage in Surabaya, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was also signed between SEAMOLEC and Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic on October 6, 2023. This MoA was signed by the directors of both institutions, Dr. Wahyudi, Director of SEAMOLEC, and Ir. Agus Pramuka, MM, Director of Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic.

It is hoped that the collaboration between these two institutions in the future will continue to evolve by enhancing the content in the LMS using the latest technology, both through training programs and consulting services.

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