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Mobile Application Goethe-Institute and SEAMOLEC Camp (MAGIS Camp)

Since 2013-2017 Goethe-Institut Region Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, as the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, together with SEAMOLEC conducted Mobile Applications Goethe-Institute and SEAMOLEC (MAGIS) Camp. The main objective of this project was to bring out students' innovation and creativity in designing and developing mobile-based learning applications and to promote easy access and flexibility in German-language learning. It was a one-week creative workshop participated by secondary school students from Southeast Asia.

In this collaborative workshop, students worked in a group and exert their skills and knowledge to develop mobile-based learning project. Within a certain period of time, students were given specific targets, created a team work, and overcame cultural and language barriers. This workshop was not only successfully giving platform for students to have networking and culture sharing, but also giving them real world experience in the software development process.

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Goethe-Institute Region Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia 

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