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The Australia-Indonesia Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement (BRIDGE) School Partnership Project

The Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE School Partnerships Project supported Australian and Indonesian schools to establish partnerships.BRIDGE is a teacher professional learning program that, through school partnerships, builds teacher capacity to:

1. Build cultural knowledge and awareness
2. Develop intercultural understanding
3. Enhance ICT skills
4. Establish sustainable school partnerships
5. Contribute to a community of learners.

SEAMOLEC provides blended training/workshop, which is consisted of one-day face-to-face training and one-month online course and consultation. Participants of this program are teachers from selected Indonesian schools that join the BRIDGE program. The online learning platform used in this program is Edmodo as one of the Social Learning Networks.

The face-to-face workshop is conducted as introductory session about Edmodo to the participating teachers. The emphasis of the workshop will be in utilizing Edmodo as sharing resources and networking tools with their partners in Australia.

After the face-to-face training, participants engaged in a one-month online course, where SEAMOLEC instructors will give assistance in any problems that they face in using Edmodo. This online course is expected to give in-depth knowledge on specific methods in using and conducting online collaboration activities as well as developing community of practice.



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Australian Embassy in Jakarta, The Asia Education Foundation (AEF) 


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